Mi JuNest#4 2014 (acrylic, watercolor, pen, and pencil on arches)

i. Salt & Pepper collection

Nothing goes together
anymore, but everything must
go, the house emptied, split
apart sets.

ii. Homilies embroidered

Take what you can
find, take what you can
get, so long as the offer
is cash. It doesn’t have
to be fair, you don’t have
to have a plan, nothing
will return. When it’s
time for out-with-the-old,
sparing a thought for the new
is cruel. Styles may come and go,
but bad patterns are forever.

iii. Hammock disassembled

Habits are hard to break;
a frame may fold
down for wintering, but
it's also easy to transport
to someone else’s house,
someone else’s quiet hours,
a newfound shade. It’s always
ready to take in another’s
shape, another’s dreaming.


Sarah Ann Winn