Bénédicte Gelé, Nu Equin 13A (Artist Website, Etsy)
Watercolor on paper

I am frightened by a photograph of a horse in a book, its caption reads Horse in a convenient position to be shot. The trees in the background are without fruit.


Another photograph, on the wall of the room, is far less frightening, displays a goat tied to a goat house or a little goat chalet. On second look, it is a dog tied to a dog house or little dog chalet. There is no caption to confirm this.


The cornea of a horse’s eye is referred to as watch-glass. Something attuned even in a darkish room. Something that throws off horseshoes of light, cuts in the eye of unsuspecting humans.


I lose track of an illustration I saw, or imagined I saw, of a baby horse sleeping inside a tear drop. In the index of subjects, I search for Pregnancy but am distracted by another P subject, Potatoes. Potatoes, it turns out, are deficient in lime-salts which can produce rickets in animals. There is no Pregnancy in the index of subjects; I search for foal, find nothing, then children, find nothing.


Frostbite is really a condition of bloodlessness. I become upset that a horse cannot give an account of his feelings, or at least not in time.


Michelle Meier