we heard a wolf this morning as dawn
filled husky with rust & fog shadowed
canyons all a mess of gunbarrel fume &
the horses call before the call thundering in
formation frantic neighbors following to

where I’ve been thinking too much of following in
that in return these endings over mornings are still
the sun in the valley this morning is this morning
winking aspen on aspen & leaving shadows unstill

at our re-entrance to the battle another flower lain
half picked apart I worried over a life lived if
a thousand times over the lily hanged now over
the sink in hopes to return to the spaces for returning to

a marauding bloom to remind me of my darling
seething cables through branch through wood
by horse the bridge held our shores so simply
cemented in this evening as the impressed lights

remember to cross today & so our bridge was built
through shades against the luminescence & while
tomorrow is my birthday you know I don’t think I’ll go
having carried a bridge to cross the river so far already


Christopher Klingbeil

Sarah JacobyNocture