Presence is a plea for interruption
in the say it interacts with medicine

and the name of anyone, the synonym for
tedium and a little song to hum

sunrise issues its ambitious bidders
and a signal for the wish to come

only come into this pretty window
and lay down lamplight on the rug

or run into the right fire of rum
where the dumb conduct their season

and simplify the same selecting sound
to judge the measurements of crumbs

in this kingdom and the one to tumble
down the tarmac and become butler

or better yet another wonder of summer
and its incision to reveal the umbilical

Oh, babe of the bruised hand; oh, babe
of the internet; oh nationwide babe

on the dark blue fruited plain,
you are done, done, done, and disgruntled

with the deal you made the moment
it mattered after they irrigate the now


Tim Kahl

Brooke Vertin, Rainbow

Artist's Commentary:

Tim’s poem "Umbilical" pushes and pulls between a deep interior and worldly wonders. The setting that Tim creates, a summer on a “dark blue fruited plain,” brings me to my piece Rainbow, as it reveals a moment within one’s interior landscape when hope breaks in despite one’s gloom, like a rainbow cutting through a clouded sky, an “irrigation of the now.”