Sarah Detweiler, Habitat #1 (Artist Website)
Watercolor, gouache, and embroidery on paper
9 x 9”


Twelve of my sisters have attempted,
with varying levels of failure. This time,
my makers stop at no expense, bankrupt
themselves coating my windows with

diamonds. October 30th, 1981, I launch
from Baikonour spaceport. My expected
landing site: just east of the elevated Phoebe
Regio region. The importance of what

I’ll witness, they say, can’t be overstated.
But as my signal reaches them back on Earth,
I can’t understate how barren, how sulfuric,
how underwhelming. My planned design

life was thirty-two minutes. I live for 127.
But they weep as they see, for the first time,
how their sun looks from the surface of
another planet. I can’t figure out why

this is sad. No one’s told me 
I have no more sisters left.

Ella Flores