Carrie DeBacker, Fly Like Paper (gouache on paper)

                   and the woman and the road
and the road and
woman in her car   woman and her car
with her dog and the road and her dog and her breath
and the lots and parks in dark sleeping in her car
the woman and her dog living
in her car
and the woman who believes   believes
woman who flees          past
town by town  flees suburbia flees tourist nation
and believes someone          everything is fake
who believes she flees to a good place
who believes she’s doing ok living
in her car with her dog
all night i dreamed about shit and piss all night
i dreamed about leaking from my guts
i woke up burning in my head my veins
it’s always the same as though inside i
hold a thought locket all night
staring across the gap vast country
threading my brain to her flash all night
on the road gray mirrors on pavement and sky of her
eyes always      always peering                into her lord
peering into suffering attached          peering
into suffering attached to suffering vast expanses
peering at her lord like a locket   attached
to suffering      gray pavement peering at stop
lights   suffering signals that say don’t walk
holding onto steering wheel
her eyes mirrored in the rear view


Rachel Sahaidachny