Julie FarstadTending the Bunny, 2009 (oil on clayboard)

Nymphs and pupa gathered from the Battenkill River
Grossbeaks stolen from the November back yard
Wind   Cattail   Wave  and  Seaweed
Mascara Wine Glass and Pantyhose 
Alone and in their house
dancing round the dining
room table Heart on turn
table we dance front door
wide open it is a small house
in a small neighborhood
Pantyhose Skirt Slits and Dirt
Kelp Fog Honey and Pine Needles
We break the Swedish Limpe bread and sprinkle
the crumbs in our bedrooms We slurp the herring
We step into the ocean hold the water in our cupped hands
And in our cupped hands the ocean is a winged thing, singing


Carol Berg