she presses coriander       
leaves to her puffy       
eyes       she rinses       
the alabaster juglet       

in the copper tray       
she arrays like tally       
marks the pins pulled       
loose to spill her       

hair on his feet       
her hands warmed       
by his feet       burnished       
feet she salted       

with tears       damp holy       
feet she kissed and patted
and wiped with the fall       
of her silken hair


William Kelley Woolfitt

Elizabeth PelleyGirl On Brown Paper (digital print)

Artist's Commentary:

When I read "The Foot Washer" for the first time, I thought of this print.  Girl On Brown Paper is part of a series of studies I did for a group of work focused on the iconography of the Virgin. Both the poem and the print express a sensual, religious experience. I am fond of how the wild hair in my piece echoes the hair falling on Christ's feet in the poem.  I also have a special affection for coriander.