Deanna DorangrichiaBanana Bullets and Pineapple Grenades (gouache on paper)

There are fruit-shaped guns
at the supermarket:
the apples have triggers,
the avocados bullets,
the extra, large barrel-bananas  
are discounted on Tuesday
when you buy two bunches.
The grenades are nestled
next to the black grapes
and the green grapes
expand on impact.
Once a month
there’s a “Blowback” sale
and day-old fruit-guns
are free after 7pm.
I can’t face it: 
we are running low on
apple-shaped apples
and avocado-shaped avocados.
The handgun-oranges,
and pistol-pomelos
are always two-hundred dollars off
in the weekly flyer.
The corn in aisle nine pops
when you pay
with your NRA Visa.
In the gun-shaped produce section
there’s a raffle for the 20-gauge-melon-
pump-action with a 26-inch barrel.
To enter, all you have to do
is show up and say, I hate gays.


Nicole Santalucia