Simone Webb ,  Dissolution,  2017 ( Artist Website )  Giclée print 31 x 35cm

Simone Webb, Dissolution, 2017 (Artist Website)
Giclée print
31 x 35cm

How life can be so generous
without ever realizing it.

He shaves away the rotting skin
of a young pig, saying Jove,

god of planet that shivers
like cotton fields, make this

our next meal. I wonder where
the god with blackened skin

has been, all of these haunted
years. I wonder if these words

feel like a rock on father's tongue,
fitting perfectly but tasteless, a

replacement for this lack. The sun becomes
a golden plate, an African king’s crown, and

our muzzles salivate for that, too.
Eventually the moon becomes

our platter, slathered with silver intestines
our dark bodies still reject. I learn the art

of heartache here, in father’s
shrinking shadow. He is homeland

squirming from my dirty kind
of vengeance, slapping me into existence.

Juliet Lubwama