Eric Nyquist, Los Osos, 2018 (Artist Website)
Digital illustration

We come from rock and ash
We are fragments
We are axed from our context
We are dismembered, embedded
We are gaping
We are viscous, we are resin
We have teeth
We are denuded, ruined
We have imploded
We are vulcanized
We will cut you
We come from morgue tables
We come from orphans’ tunics
Our bodies are weapons
Our bodies are stolen property
We have handled, lain, sat, spat
We are sunken
We are the bottom of the ocean floor
We are spent shells
We come from vacant eyes
We work for death
In private rooms, we are women howling
We are magic 8 balls
We are the breath on the mirror
We are riding this train to the moon
We are shattered
We are shards
We are fragments
We are signing our confessions
We are carving letters in the dust
We gnawed ourselves out

Kim Harvey