Peter, the leader, thus fled from every place where there was a woman. Moreover he was scandalized due to his daughter, who was very beautiful. Therefore he prayed to the Lord and she became paralyzed on one side, so that he might not be beguiled. - Acts of Philip

Sarah Detweiler, Housewife, 2018 (Artist Website, Etsy Shop)
Watercolor, gouache, gold leaf, and embroidery thread on paper
11 x 14”

in those days, god spoke plain

spoke in fish and flower
ran to us with heavy baskets

so we could not miss him
so we would not confuse him
with lesser forms

of love

at the moment my spine
went cold
I was running to my father

the last thing I felt
was my long hair, the braid
that had come undone

what did he hear
when I collapsed at his feet

heavy body
tamed lion
answered prayer

his eyes did not say

they were strange after that
as though he heard nothing at all

Emily Stoddard