Tayfun Gülnar ,  Dead Bird,  2014 (etching)

Tayfun Gülnar, Dead Bird, 2014 (etching)

A marrow-deep silence
hums its strange melody
into my ears. 

Sad, un-danceable song.

Even the trees are mortal,
each consecutive ring of life
like a pen-stroke of simple luck.

The bones of deer
killed by the ravenous jaw
of wolf and winter
are scattered in the woods
like interruptions in an endless sigh.

I sleep and wake under
the white blur of their slow
return to dust. 

Someone is stoking a fire
to heat a house, fanning an ember
before it’s gone. 

I am a tiny, desperate
and dying flame. 
God of kerosene & kindling,



Amy Woschek Schmidt