Pamela Lawton, Mai Tai Sun, 2019 (Artist Website)
Ink, gouache and watercolor on paper
11” x 13.5”


out back among the tongues of dreamed anthurium      the muumuu rises

torn and pink in a mai tai sun      its paler cotton wintering     folds of cling

subside as mother ways     of French toast gardenia drought     evaporated sweat

and acetone           minnow-thick humors of river     and night terrors live low        

in wilt of lux gathered cloth     flesh-filled swish and plain song     lost

sleep and wake of her in the dress        shoulders wet with sink-washed hair

heavy with damselflies and pearl-like snails         shampoo smell of lawn meeting lawn

whole families swapped  lives mid-mow mid-clothespin       mid-air

hems weed-wet         one dish glove washed out to sea       to wave signal us

girls      who might lose  the apple tree from between our shinny legs    

and land in evening gown glitter and debris

Jenny Grassl