Mi JuDanish Croissant 2014 (acrylic on panel)

The look is innovative, yet undeniably timeless
 Dot & Bo Blog, Design District, 5/8/2015 

The in-laws are on
their way, the wars.

Dot plays the daughter
gone under earth

til spring, dark covers
over her head. Grey

is the new black; she cries
in style. Bo can’t stop

looking at his reflection
in the river running through

their bedroom. The sound
of the water helps him sleep.

Dot doesn’t know where
to start. Marble-white, she is cool

to the touch, she has not yet gone
over to gold, claimed her Midas

birthright. If Bo wants, he can
take apples out back

and throw them, practicing.
He longs for chrome instead.

Waits for the mythic sun
to melt wings, he’ll fang shui

feathers that fall when fathers
advance, overtake.


Sarah Ann Winn