Eric Nyquist, The Abel Room, 2012 (Artist Website)
Digital illustration

Some say they dream
in color,

different languages.

I am myself in dreams
but water. I am

the curdled sea
spitting up

a muscular black leopard.

She paws down
a row boat

like breaking the throat
of a violin.

I am an icepick raised.

I am an expanse
of clear ocean ready

to embrace the plane.

I am the unexpected

of the wave,

the licking
current, cellophane

look in the eye
of someone sealed inside a lake.

I am
not color, do not speak

in dreams.
Water is not itself,

a color not known to me.

Water is,
I so dream.

I wake and am
the black cursive.

Gabriella R. Tallmadge