I get these headaches. I black out & then I’m in a classroom 
with red doors. They’re all locked & Zach Morris is hiding 

behind a skeleton. The bat in my hand is heavy. I slam it on 
a desk & tell him I want him. I shove aside all the desks & back 

him into a chalkboard. It’s only you I want. I’m doing this because 
I love you. I slam the bat into the chalkboard. He screams & it fills me 

like water pouring into a glass. SlamSlamSlamSlam. Please stop 
loving me
, he cries. This is what you wanted, isn’t it, when you 

invited me over to study & turned the lights down so low I couldn’t 
see words. You smothered me in your arms, saxophones playing so softly 

I nuzzled into you but felt like a deer & couldn’t move. You want me to 
ask you to the Sadie Hawkins dance, I’ll do you one better. This skeleton 

dance with only a bat between your flighty, bird-like body & me: 
bonecrack & splinter, fists raining. 


Rachel Ronquillo Gray

Erin CaseVolley (collage)