JULY 2014. Cover Art: Raspberry Girls by Julie Farstad


Rachel Marie Patterson & Dara-Lyn Shrager, Editors

An Interview With Michael Dickman

An Offering

Michael Dickman

In My Name

David Roderick

On The Bullet Train From Hiroshima

David Roderick; artwork by Sarah Jacoby

Modern Conditions

James Allen Hall; artwork by Julie Farstad

Dear Leader (I Summon)

Damian Rogers

The Heart Of The Leader: An Index

Damian Rogers

D Is For Dynasty

Virginia  Konchan; artwork by Daniel Herr

The Devil At The End

Charlie Clark; artwork by Brooke Vertin

Signs And Symptoms (May) Include Delusions

Charlotte Pence; artwork by Elizabeth Claire Rose

Chasing Frogs

William James; artwork by Elizabeth Claire Rose

Rainmakers, 1891

Logen Cure

At The Barbeque In Birmingham Last Night

Dan Haney; artwork by Brooke Vertin


Neil Aitken; artwork by Annalisa Barron


Neil Aitken; artwork by Annalisa Barron


Sean Patrick Hill; artwork by Brooke Vertin


Ian Khadan