JANUARY 2019. Cover Art: Fecundity I by Simone Webb.


Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager

Self-Portrait As A Burgeoning New England Summer

by Carol Berg; artwork by Christine Simpson

Things I Shouldn’t Have Planted In The Garden

by Kathryn Merwin; artwork by Simone Webb

Sea Urchin

by Veronica Kornberg; artwork by Veronica Kornberg

Blackbird Counts

by Susannah Violette; artwork by Susannah Violette

Finding the Body of the Rusted Four-Door Sedan in the Woods

by Hannah Craig; artwork by Hannah Craig and Jean Kirby

one for sorrow, two for joy

by Emily Stoddard; artwork by Sarah Detweiler

i was running to him

by Emily Stoddard; artwork by Sarah Detweiler

In This Dream, My Father Is A Slaughterer

by Juliet Lubwama; artwork by Christine Simpson


by Elizabeth Threadgill; artwork by Celeste Capine Hill

(Mother) Sinking, Ripples Out

by Rainie Oet; artwork by Sara Potocsny

Schubert’s Moments Musicaux No. 2

by Varun Ravindran; audio by Mike Good


by Pepper Trail; artwork by Lauren Greathouse


by Sharon Kennedy-Nolle; artwork by Lauren Greathouse

Honey Bun

by Mitchell Glazier; artwork by Malissa Goff Baker