APRIL 2014. Cover Art: Talk, Friend by Brooke Vertin


Rachel Marie Patterson & Dara-Lyn Shrager, Editors

An Interview with Geffrey Davis

What I Mean When I Say My Name Is Nobody 

Geffrey Davis; artwork by Jason Cytacki

Teaching Twelve-Year-Olds The Trail Of Tears

Geffrey Davis

A Memory from the Year of My Great Anomaly

Stephanie Kartalopoulos; artwork by Matthew Colaizzo

Invitation To The Pond

J.R. Toriseva; artwork by Jeremy Miranda

In Lieu Of An Altar

Emily A. Benton; artwork by Annalisa Barron

My Night As A Splinter And A Mirror

Derek Graf; artwork by Brooke Vertin

Posed In Front Of The Five-And-Dime In My Brand New Field Jacket

Michael Levan

Professor Roy Hinkley, Ph.D., Pulls One Over On Everybody

Karen Craigo


Joshua Gottlieb-Miller


Tim Kahl; artwork by Brooke Vertin

Oriel Lane

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick; artwork by Brooke Vertin