Sometimes, we feel like the poems we choose for an issue of the journal come from a million different points of view. When that's the case, the fun for us is in ordering the poems to capitalize on that range. We're not sure why, but this issue of Radar Poetry is different. You can read Issue 18 backwards or forwards, in any order. The poems collected here read like one long, skillfully-crafted conversation. We take this as a good omen. If poets can participate in this synchronicity, then surely there’s hope for a connection between all creative minds.

We never grow tired of acknowledging the generosity of all who submit their poems. While we may have yet to publish your work, we see you, hear you, and thank you for sharing your poems with us. Special thanks to the writers and artists whose work appears in Issue 18; it’s a thing of rare beauty.


Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager, Editors