It must be that poets and artists are communicating in the unseen creative universe around us. While we are the editors of this journal, the work simply travels through us. We publish a huge variety of artists and writers—our contributors run the gamut in terms of style, from students to to well-established professionals—yet the pairings we find feel somehow predestined. Poetry is speaking to art, art is speaking to poetry, and we feel privileged to discover these complementary pieces.

During every issue cycle, there comes a moment (usually about a month before publication) when we panic. In that panic, we imagine that we'll never accept enough poems to fill the issue, and we'll never find the right artwork. But every quarter, the issue manages to come together organically. It must be that we've all tapped the same creative well.

The longer we work on Radar, the more we are rewarded. Now, we simply know that it will always work out. We believe in this project, and each issue has been nothing short of amazing.

So once again, the stars have aligned. We present to you Issue 14 with gratitude and a loud round of applause for our readers, submitters, and contributors.

Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager, Editors