It's Friday the 13th, and we are here in Princeton writing the introduction to Issue 13 of Radar. Certainly, this is an auspicious moment.

We have always believed that art serves/saves humanity. Since October 1, we have received 544 poetry submissions. With 3-5 poems in each batch, that's well over 1,600 poems!

People are creating beautiful poetry and art in the world. The quantity of work we have received is plentiful. How could this be a bleak time in history if people are still inspired to create? For us, and we hope for you, this is a time of abundance.

As we write, we are thinking about every poet who submits, whether we end up publishing you or not, and every artist whose work we view, whether or not we end up using it. We consider every submission a collaboration. You're a part of this project, whether your name appears on the contributor list or not.

Sometimes the universe surprises you. Recently, we came across Marjorie Hakala's positive review of Radar in The Review Review. Nobody doesn't like getting a gift, and we got one. The point is, we're grateful.

Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager, Editors