JANUARY 2014. Cover Art:   Searching   by  Jeremy Miranda

JANUARY 2014. Cover Art: Searching by Jeremy Miranda


Rachel Marie Patterson & Dara-Lyn Shrager, Editors

An Interview With MRB Chelko


MRB Chelko; artwork by Annalisa Barron

La Llorona

Amanda Auchter

Birthday Party In A Strange Town

Mary Lou Buschi; artwork by Elizabeth Pelley

The Goat

Mary Lou Buschi; artwork by Michelle Butler

H.D. At Point Pleasant Beach

William Kelley Woolfitt

Sitting Next To My Brother On His Last Fourth Of July

Amanda Auchter


Changming Yuan


Changming Yuan


Catherine Owen


Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson; artwork by Jeremy Miranda

Invisible Morning

Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson; artwork by Jeremy Miranda

Ten Years

Fleming Meeks; artwork by Amanda Li

Our Lady Of The Mills

William Kelley Woolfitt; artwork by Elizabeth Pelley

The Foot Washer

William Kelley Woolfitt; artwork by Elizabeth Pelley

The Dream In Which My Body Catches Paul Celan Descending Into The Seine

M.K. Foster

School Figures

Elee Kraljii Gardiner

A Light Wind In Winter

Josh Exoo