Ashley Valmere, Untitled (photograph)

I’m the right candidate because I know
            how some things stand in for others.
Cotton batting for snow.  A small mirror for a frozen pond.
There is a light bulb inside the church
            that makes its plastic windows glow.

All I’m saying            is it must be nice
to arrange the world on a mantle,
then plug the lights in.

A mistake:            passing the semi in the storm.

Nocturne sounds pretty, whatever it is.
An orange sky at night. My biggest weakness.

In ten years I see myself pointing out a cardinal on a power line.

I’ll tell you about the time I solved the problem
of what colors were meant by oyster, tulip, and sidecar.

Or when I cut hundreds of paper snowflakes
            to hang from the ceiling
                        for someone else’s honeymoon.

I can tell you a little more about myself.
Like snow in April, I am a tired sort of fearless.


Natalie Homer