Mi JuSquirrel Pot Pie 2014 (acrylic on panel)

These 5 Travel-Inspired Furnishings Will Make You Want to Go On An Adventure Immediately
 Dot & Bo Blog, Design District, 7/17/2015

We bought a coffee table
inspired by a relief map,

only to find everything we placed
there rolled down mountains,

congregated in rivers and valleys.
We bought a couch inspired by

an airplane cockpit – more comfort
had been given to someone

with more money. Our kitchen
floor was a beach from Bali,

wrapped then shipped to us,
direct. Crabs nipped and scuttled

into the living room; sea gulls
from Ireland could have been knock-

offs from Atlantic City. They harassed
us in every room. Someone deboned

our boat like a sea bass, leaned its skeleton
for us against the wall and said Now float

in words. What if we haven’t got any
words? We open and close our mouths,

eyes fixed and staring at each other. We swim
in our newly-installed Arctic chill waterbed.

Our doormat no longer says Home is where
the heart is
. Its silent slot canyon striations

encode a message, just for us. Do not linger,
the world is welcoming.


Sarah Ann Winn