Mi JuSweating Hamster 2014 (acrylic on linen)

Create A Space-Themed Adventure
 Dot & Bo Blog, Design District, 7/17/2015 

We have space in spades.
If you open a hatch a crack
to let some fresh air in
you could be sucked away.

We have space, we cram
it into corners and refuse
to look at it. It knows
what it did, the gravity
of the planet nearby,
the distant pout of stars.

We have space, we keep
it like a pet, a wolf half-tamed.
When it nibbles its paws
you say It’s just anxiety.
You open its jaws
and peer beyond the teeth
to check for choking.

We have space, scheme
with colors to imitate the sea
of serenity. The dresser drawers
are full of darkness
folded and stored.


Sarah Ann Winn