The Editors with  Alexandra Lytton Regalado

The Editors with Alexandra Lytton Regalado

Welcome to our first double digits issue of Radar! It's pretty amazing for us to share Issue 10 of a journal imagined, created, and maintained at a kitchen table in Princeton, NJ.

AWP Los Angeles turned out to be a great experience for Radar. Our Coniston Prize winners stopped by to say hello and cheer us on. 2015 Contest Judge Mary Biddinger was all smiles. Plus, we had some other AWPers visit Table 102, including past and future contributors Gabrielle Bates, Lauren CampMRB Chelko, Elee Kraljii GardinerDan Haney, Charlotte Holmes (2016 finalist), John A. Nieves, Michelle Meier, Elizabeth Onusko, and Mai Der Vang (2015 finalist). If you stopped by and we missed you, consider this your virtual shout-out!

As editors of an online journal, we rarely have the pleasure of laying eyes on the poets and artists we publish. This made AWP LA an especially meaningful conference for us. We send much gratitude to all of you who studied your convention center maps, threaded your way through the maze of tables and booths, and found us.

Enjoy this issue of Radar. It's hit-you-over-the-head good poetry and make-you-look-twice artwork. In other words, it's a perfect 10!

Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager