—a fundamental type used to define numbers with fractional parts 


Like a bell, or rather the sound of it opening,
a silence that having tolled speaks again

suspended between states of incompleteness—
a point traversing a numbered landscape.

This country of small infinities is what we do 
with what remains: bits of window panes,

refracted light, what gathers in the torn leaves
from the dimming edge of the red fields 

grown dark. Say what you will, the body is no more
than the moon, a white trouser button in a pool

of gasoline, a halo of ash and flame 
ascending the ladder of night.


Neil Aitken

Annalisa Barron, Myopia (burnt charcoal on paper)

Artist's Commentary:

Neil Aitken's descriptions of physical and psychological space are a close translation of Myopia and Coalesce. I design hexagonal patterns and symbols to mimic those in nature. I leave the resulting visual network alone at times, and at others I leave only a hint of a focal point, buried under pigment and then emphasized again by sanding away at the image, sometimes burning parts back into view. To me, these images are tiny arrangements of consciousness, illustrations of living personal space.