Merritt CatesBriar Cur detail (handcut lithography installation) 

My grandma used Cheetos
and Capri Suns to bribe me
            to go to church.
We’d sit and stare at things  
                        and fake religion.
I couldn’t stand the smell  
                        of incense but
            I strangely looked forward to it,
like people often do
                        when it comes to strange smells.

After grandma passed away, I dug around
            for photos of her and realized
every time I had posed for a picture
I was reminding someone
in the future that I died.

            Six weeks ago driving through Arizona
I found a road near Flagstaff:
"Devil Dog Road."
Below the sign was a dead golden retriever  
                        lacquered with flies.
I pulled over and snapped a picture
            because somebody had to.


Adam Crittenden