Matthew Bergey ,  House , 2016 Oil on Gesso board 11 x 8"

Matthew Bergey, House, 2016
Oil on Gesso board
11 x 8"

You  walked back  along the  language,  past  the dark  foliage  and
flowers,  along the cold edge of the field,  slowly,  as you did  those
nights  returning  home  from  the  store  when  you  needed  to be
alone,  those nights when you lingered  on the margin of the front
porch. You
forgot how it felt to be said: the gradual accrual over the years, the
heft,  the inevitable  narrowing of sense  as the saying ran on.  How
excited we were when you stepped  through  the screened frame of
reference  carrying  your  plastic  bags.  We  all  looked  up from our
anger and regret,  came running in from the kitchen,  and gathered
‘round you like the small brown                   sorrows I saw once

                               in our driveway pick apart a scrap              of bread.


Tim Carter