Allen ForrestThe Masters Revisited, Valazquez, Rokeby Venus (ink, oil, pastel on paper)

I'm not going to lie, I didn't like many men:
there was always something they wanted,
even more than love,
which was all I had to give.

Today I'm just listening to Peter, Paul and Mary's
‘Early Morning Rain’ over and over.
Now you can watch them
whenever you want
in black-and-white,
those antiquated snapshots come to life —
as if you were a time traveler.

Maybe you should go to the
planetarium today and watch the universe
expanding, or marvel at Titan,
Saturn's largest moon with wind and rain,
and follow the constellations.
Outside, pay a cartoonist to draw you
as a caricature of yourself,
of all the ways you're imperfect,
and place it in a box to find years from now.


Nicole Greaves